Our most common customer worries answered

As a shipping agency working in West Africa, our clients are often concerned about issues of safety when importing to our port in Tema, Ghana or Port of Lomé, Togo.

Getting around Ghana or Togo

I have not worked in the region before and feel unsure about what to expect

Our staff has a combined experience of over 80 years of living and working in West Africa and can be of great help, whatever your query. 

A considerable part of our budget goes towards communication technology, meaning that whether you call our Amsterdam office or Tema Port, there will be experienced and knowledgeable staff ready to answer your questions.

We offer realistic and honest advice on everything from onward routes, road conditions, price levels for other services in the region, safety updates, etc.

Being experts on the region, our staff knows that dealing with local authorities can be difficult and cause delays, and they can advise you accordingly.

Safety concerns

Is it safe to ship to Ghana or Togo?

Yes, it is safe to ship with us to Ghana. In the unlikely event of pilferage, we go the full nine yards to ensure that the situation is resolved swiftly and adequately.

Both Portside and our partners go to great lengths to ensure the utmost security and safety of all units in our care.

What about privacy

The piracy is well controlled by the navy that are investing in new patrol vessels to keep the safety at a high standard.

Note that safety is our main concern and our staff will inform you of any security issues.

My cargo needs to be stored, will I be able to safely store my goods at Tema Port?

Yes, there is plenty of storage space in the port. We offer six storage sheds with a 53,000 tonne capacity, plus a 2000 tonne refrigerated fruit terminal.

General information

I need to talk to someone in the port, not from the head office.

No problems. We invest heavily in communication, which means that you can call and be put right through to the person in charge in the port, talking to you from right next to the vessel or cargo.

I'm about to import to or export from Ghana, but I can't find online information.

Online information from official websites is often absent or hard to locate. We recommend that you contact our office, either by phone or email, and one of our staff will be able answer your specific questions.

Alternatively, you can view our resource area where we have many useful articles on importing and exporting to West Africa.

When will my cargo arrive?

ETAs are sent out via email and can be accessed on customs online. You can always reach our office at Tema on +233 (0) 572 622 400 for the latest update on the location of your cargo.

Is there any way I can find out what vessels are currently in port?

See the Vessel Schedule on the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority’s website. They list any current, expected and departed vessels. We also recommend using the MarineTraffic website where you can view port and vessel activity live, or follow shipping across the world in real time.

Where an I find information on the current rates and tolls?

See this document from the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority for the latest fees and toll rates.

Importing  A Vehicle

I've shipped a car to Ghana or Togo, how do I pick it up?

Once you arrive at the car park, go to their billing office to pay your invoice and administrative charges (and rent where applicable). Someone in the office will help you locate your car.

I can't find my car, what should I do?

Speak to with the Terminal Manager at the car park or contact our offices. We would first determine that your unit has landed on which vessel and under what key number and you would be advised on its status.

What if items have been stolen from my vehicle?

Should you find your goods have been lost or damaged in any way, contact our offices immediately. First, we will verify whether the lost item was originally loaded and if so, at what point the cargo went missing. The matter will be wholly investigated and hopefully your items found. If not, you will be compensated by the responsible party.