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How do I find my vessel information including vessel arrival date (ETA), rotation number and departure date of vessel

Your local customs authority generally manage vessel rotation. To obtain vessel information you can contact your local customs authority.

Vessel details can also be obtained from NMT Shipping. Note that they only display the latest eight vessels and will take down an advertised vessel once their slot is full.

For an interactive view of vessels currently in The Port of Tema, you can visit Ghana Ports.  

Portside customers can call our customer service centre to speak to a representative to find out more about their vessel details. Call our customer service centre on +233 (0) 572 622 400 for more.

What are your local handling charges and payment procedures?

Customers can visit our front desk or request an invoice via email by contacting Invoices can be paid via electronic transfer or at any Ecobank branch in Ghana.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment or transfer slips are required at the time of release. You will require three invoice copies when transferring through an Ecobank branch. The bank will endorse all three, withhold one and you will keep one which you will provide along with your corresponding pay slip to Ports Marine Ltd counter.

Where is your freight station located for my car, truck, trailer, conventional cargoes or containers?

All cars, vans, trucks and trailers are sent to Safebond car park ready for pick up. 

All conventional cargoes are stored at Redsea Terminal.  

All containers go to Golden Jubilee, MPS or as directed.

Please call +233 (0) 572 622 400 to verify if you are having difficulty locating your units as space availability may affect these arrangements.

What is the release procedure and what relevant documents are required for release?

Please note: “No customs compliance, no release!”

You will need to provide the following documents in order to collect your units:

  • Provide an endorsed ORIGINAL BILL of Lading.If consignee is a company, you require 2 stamps: from the company and the Clearing Agent.

  • If consignee is a company and a Letter of Credit, you require 3 stamps: From the Consignee, the Agent and the Bank.

  • If it is a telex release, you must have your copy of the Bill of Lading endorsed before we verify the telex status and serve you.

  • Provide an invoice endorsed from Ecobank along with the corresponding pay-in slip.
    Provide two customs complied Bill of Entries.

  • Show consignee photo ID card. If you are a company, a stamp is enough.
    Provide an Agent’s registered tag.
What if the telex release, correction notices, amendments or arrival of bill of lading is being handled by Portside?

In that case, we verify Telex Release, Correction notices and/0r amendments on your behalf. For amendments that require processing with customs, we organise a formal application letter on the Agent’s letterhead plus Original Bill of Lading. The Principal would have to be approved before we effect these changes for you.

It is important that you ask your Shipper for any change on the Bill of Lading. If your Shipper sends the ORIGINAL BILL of LADING via courier to us, we will call to notify you.

Note: Please provide the correct and active telephone numbers and/or email addresses to ensure the best service.

Is Ports Marine open on weekends?

No, currently we are not open on the weekends.

Should you require assistance on weekends, we are happy make arrangements.

Is freight collection allowed in Ghana?

Yes. However, freight collect is allowed only when shipper/consignee has arranged with head office and agreed upon the terms.

Can my vessel berth on arrival?

We do our best to ensure berthing on arrival.

However, Ghana Ports has its own challenges. When circumstances are beyond our control, vessels may spend a day or two at anchorage.

We will keep you informed of the progress or you can call customer service on +233 (0) 572 622 400 for up-to-date details.

Is it safe to send my cargo to Ghana?

Both Portside and our partners go to great lengths to ensure the utmost security and safety of all units in our care. Yes, it is safe to ship with us to Ghana. In the unlikely event of pilferage, we go the full nine yards to ensure that the situation is resolved swiftly and adequately.