Portside is an International group of companies established in the Netherlands operating as Ships Agency West Africa specialists.

The Leading Ships Agency in Ghana

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We are an International group of companies established in Switzerland and operating as Ships Agency Ghana (Port Tema) specialists. With our administrative head office in the Netherlands, we function as shipping agents in Ghana.

Our global offices employ highly skilled industry professionals each with regional specific expertise. Through our administrative head office located in the Netherlands, global operations are co-ordinated, assuring our clients of the highest possible level of service.

We do this by building strong internal foundations focused on staff expertise, efficiency, reliability, and communication. Most importantly, we concentrate on delivering a superior, transparent customer service that meets the needs and objectives of each and every customer. Our customers can expect consistent service solutions. We encourage open conversations. We go to the ends of the earth to ensure we deliver on the promises made to our customers.

This approach enables our clients to achieve their intended aims and objectives in their respective country of operations.

Loading at Port Tema

Modern transport vehicles

Experienced director with a demonstrated history of working in the transportation /trucking / railroad industry.

Strong professional skilled in Port Agency, Freight, International Shipping, Warehouse Operations, Ports and Freight Forwarding.

Bas de Vaal

Group Director

Bas has a strong connection with West Africa. He first arrived in Lagos as a very small child and spent his formative years living in Nigeria. His love for the West Africa lifestyle means he is always the first to put his hand up to spend time in his beloved second home. In his role as Director of Portside, Bas now shares his time between The Netherlands and Ghana.

Bas understands the definition of hard work having worked summer jobs on fishing boats and appreciates the relative comfort of his more traditional office role at Portside. His time spent on fishing boats endowed him with a strong understanding of pelagic fish, his industry specialty being reefer cargoes.

Professionally, Bas has worked in the shipping industry for over 7 years and has plenty of experience in the West African shipping market. As an entrepreneurial senior executive, Bas displays proven leadership through his management of diverse teams and ability to easily handle cross-functional communications alongside his ability to motivate and provide strategic vision to Portside.

Betina Gbadago

Managing director

Sales and Marketing professional, proficient in French and English, with cross-cultural management experience in multinational companies across diverse industries. Highly motivated and excellent communicator with proven track record of building and leading proactive and high performing teams.

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