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DECEMBER 4, 2020

Doing Business in Africa (DBA) Award

Every year, the NABC (Netherland Africa Business Council) during the Ambassadors’ Dinner, proudly presents one of its member companies with the Doing Business in Africa (DBA) Award. 

2020 was no exception despite COVID19, and the DBA award took place on the 15th of December 2020 during the Digital Africa Business days organized by the NABC.

Portside International B.V. as a group was nominated alongside 14 other contestants. We were tasked to pitch why we deserve to win the DBA Award to over 800 participants of the Digital Africa business days.

The theme of the event was “Moving forward together” and the criteria for the award included the below:

Innovation: The company offers a service or a product that applies new methods, ideas, or delivery procedures. The service or the product delivers recognizable results and has a positive impact on the business itself and those it serves.
Sustainability: The business model and the processes of delivering a service or a product (supply chain) have been developed to minimize negative impact on the ecological balance. The service or the product adds value locally in Africa and has a clear link to the SDGs.

Inclusion: The company is working in and with Africa. The beneficiaries are included in the company’s core business as suppliers, distributors, retailers or customers.

The event hosted digitally:

  • 800+ participants 
  • 110+ speakers,
  • 32 Dutch and African embassies, 
  • 20+ knowledge sessions 
  • 8 round tables
  • 450+ meeting booked 
  • 2000+ messages sent

Though the award for Portside would be for another year, we were honored to have been nominated. Also, we had the opportunity to share our insight on the event theme with the other participants when our MD in Togo was invited as a resource person alongside dignitaries and other industry experts.

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