August 22, 2022

Here's how Charlie became an expert in shipping and export in Ghana... and how you can do it too!

Would you like to become an expert in the shipping and export business in Ghana just like Charlie?


Before I go any further let me share a little secret with you…
“As a little boy Charlie liked good music and his favorite song was a hit track by The Everly Brothers       titled “Take a Message to Mary.” Charlie would sing along as they sang “Take a Message to Mary but don’t tell her where I am. Take a Message to Mary but don’t say I’m in a jam. You can tell her I had to see the world or tell her that my ship set sail but don’t tell her I’m in jail.”

This song gave Charlie ideas about sailing on a ship and seeing the world. Charlie, had grown into a young man, one day he heard his uncle and a friend of his, having a conversation about shipping business in Ghana. Charlie was so excited, he waited until his uncle’s friend had left, then he told his uncle that he was interested in shipping and asked “if he could join the shipping business?” His uncle gave him along hard look then asked him” WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT SHIPPING OR EXPORT?” Charlie cleared his throat, and then blurted out” It’s about sailing on a ship and seeing the world.” That day Charlie’s uncle fell of the chair he sat on – he couldn’t stop laughing! After a while, he said to Charlie “I will teach you what you need to know.”


To qualify for export in Ghana- for companies, your company must be legally registered with the Registrar General Department of Ghana. There are legal and marketing advantages. In registering a business name – and in order to get loans from a bank, you must show proof that you are a business. Lenders and investors will have the confidence to invest in your business or give loans once they see your business application and other application requirements. Charlie learnt how important it is to have a valid tax identification number (TIN) which helps you register a business entity, Obtain a business loan and a business bank account – he learnt how important it is, to register with the Ghana Standard Authority. Charlie also understood the importance of registering as an exporter and that he’d need a passport photograph – business registration – documents – certificate to commence business – valid identification card of business owner – authority notes from the business owner – Registrar General’s form A or form 3 – regulations that govern the type of product(s) or cargo you intend to export. Charlie learnt that the product(s) intended for export should not be banned by the government of Ghana – to decline if the intended product(s) of export is not approved by the government of Ghana. Charlie learnt that your selected freight forwarder can assist you in making these decisions and that the credibility of the freight forwarder is important in selection – your freight forwarder will handle documentation and procedures intended for export. And your freight can also assist you choose a shipping line.

Charlie learnt that what the freight forwarder would need to proceed with the export  - commercial invoice of the cargo to be exported – packing list of the cargo to be exported  - company tax registration number (TIN) Certificate of Origin – letter of credit.
Charlie learnt how to do a SWOT analysis and understood that he’d have to know the destination the intended cargo was being shipped to and to know what kind of cargo he intended to export.

Well, as it is Charlie, never boarded a sailing ship and he didn’t have to send a message to Mary…because armed with useful information – knowledge of the shipping and export business, and to apply that knowledge. And in just three years, Charlie became very successful in the shipping and export business in Ghana. And married a beautiful lady with a pleasant personality called Mary and both are happily married with two sons and a daughter, Charlie couldn’t wish for anything better.

It’s a little secret I shared with you about how Charlie became an expert in the shipping and export business in Ghana, and how you can too.

My advice to you and to people like you who are shipping in Ghana for the first time or you want to start an export business and be successful like Charlie, is to get useful information – knowledge about shipping and export in Ghana like Charlie did. And leap into ACTION.

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