December 05, 2022

The million dollar advice!

“Never Go into Export Business without an Export Business Plan”

Several years ago, a certain Boateng decided to go into the export business in Ghana. Any time he remembered two incidents that happened, along with a very successful compelling tittle of a copy by a copywriter, on a marketing campaign for an equipment that improved skin care he shuddered. The name of the equipment is “The Elite Suffusion System,” which penetrates deeply into the skin to achieve results that leads to clinically-proven patient satisfaction.

The compelling title of the well-crafted copy, for “The Elite Suffusion System” was “Deeper Penetration Leads to Greater Satisfaction.” However, some found it provocative and some didn’t, but it got a lot of ATTENTION and it increased sales significantly. To Boateng, the title of the “Elite Suffusion System” meant one thing-in life and in business nothing should be left to chance, you must know everything about the business you do, and even much more about the supply-chain and you must operate with an Export Business Plan-if you’re to start an export business company.

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The other incidents-starting with the first was when Boateng worked with a reputable Marine/FPSO, management Company. As a Logistics Co-Ordinator, one day a vessel berthed at the port in readiness for a loadout to an FPSO, Boateng being the Logistics Co-Ordinator, for this operation he had slated commencement of all operations for 09:00hrs. That day Boateng, got the shock of his life! Before Boateng, got to the port that morning a staff who knew next to nothing about operations, thinking he was assisting Boateng, had all the equipment loaded onboard the vessel without a MANIFEST, without knowing the lube figures or AGO, onboard the vessel and if the vessel needed to take on tons of water and had the captain sail the vessel instantly. You should have seen Boateng, his eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets in disbelief! As he kept murmuring some Mumbo-Jumbo to himself!

The second incident also took place at the port. A qualified technician Boateng, and a Logistics Manager, working for an industrial catering company, had inspected all electrical plugins before loading 10 and 20 feet refrigerated containers onboard a vessel, operations went on smoothly and the vessel sailed- The Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) had been informed that the vessel was on its way a manifest had been sent ahead to the Offshore Installation Manager. Only for the vessel to breakdown midway to it’s destination and remained there for one week. The frozen food in the refrigerated containers began to rot. Emails began to fly back and forth between all parties involve… between Accra, Lagos, Huston and London as to what happened-how it happened, who did what and where it happened! Boateng, became hypertensive-even before the matter had been resolved in his favour. These incidents made Boateng understand the importance of a business plan for his export business, in order to succeed. And to be candid, if you or people like you want to start an export business in Ghana, never start an export business without an export business plan.

What is the purpose of an export business plan?
An export business plan prepares companies especially middle and small to enter the international market place or better organize their existing international business activity. This type of plan serves as step-by-step guide to lead the company through the process of exporting products and services to international markets. Some of the goals of an export business plan are…

  • Assessment of export potential and capabilities 
  • Identify target markets 
  • Choose the best market entry strategy 
  • Selection of most suitable marketing sections
  • Better management of international business operations 
  • Evaluate the financial resources, sales, goats and profits.

The trade tool helps exporters to set their goals effectively, allocate their resources and determine which countries offer the most potential for their products as well as how to reach clients and how to make competitive offers.

Now that you know how important it is to have an export-business plan before you start your export business in Ghana. You can start your export business today-using an export business plan.

Here it comes…
People in the export business who followed this advise “Never go into export business without and export business plan,” are very successful and are very happy. 

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